Quality of treatments

A path made of Quality

Our journey begins with an inspection: the meeting between us and the client regarding the floor to be restored is essential to understand what work should be done and to better advise the client, directing him to the best choices.

In our estimates we describe the processing, the costs to be incurred and the execution times in detail.

Each type of floor requires ad hoc techniques, high quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment in order to obtain the best possible result. During our work will be taking all the necessary precautions not to damage the work of others and avoid unpleasant incidents.

When the work is completed, a maintenance card will be provided so that the client can properly care for and upkeep the quality of the floor. For each floor will have a card that certifies the restoration performed and tells its story and the composition. For important and historical floors will be provided a special Floor Paper of value.

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