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Genoese Quality Floors. Experience & Competence.

Experience and competence are the most important factors for obtaining quality work, a fundamental characteristic when it comes to the environments in which one lives and works. Our work comes from years of passion and dedication, applying and strengthening the teachings of the Genoese flooring tradition but also developing more modern techniques: experience and competence, therefore, are our fundamental requirements, which we make available to individuals and companies.

pavimenti alla genovese

Pavimenti alla Genovese di Fanzio e Bongiovanni • Company Logo

A network of quality

Pavimenti alla Genovese • Genoese Quality Floors is also proud to be a part of two important networks of professionals and companies: BNI Italia and Play casa. We are a part of the BNI Chapter Sextum in Genoa, that meets at the Hotel Columbus, below the Lanterna, symbol of the Genoese people. Inside the chapter, there is an exchange of references among professionals, not only as partners, like engineers, architects, and planners but also as clients or intermediaries that allow us to reach a wider range of people and become more well known throughout the territory in which we work.

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