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We all know that feeling good starts at home. A refined and well cared for use of space, forniture and harmonious lighting, say something about us and give us the basis for a high quality of life.

For this reason, it’s important to start from the bottom: the floor is our home’s calling card, it’s the first step in the building of our perfect space. A hand-crafted floor according to tradition gives value to the whole space and can be appreciated through time. This gives value to every building – apartments, villa, farmhouses,  studies and offices. Their value increases even more thanks to personalization that allows us to create unique works of art, also from a design, perfectly fitting in with the customer’s needs.

We restore 10/15 meters square a day, in some cases less, because we take care of your floor and have the passion to do the job right without rushing. We are among the few, if not the only ones in Liguria, who restore floors by the “terrazzo veneziano” (antique Venetian floor) rules. There are a lot of other qualities we have to offer, which can be summed up in just a few words: quality, professionality, know-how, and experience.

The restoration changes according to the type of floor. A Genoese floor or a Venetian floor are treated differently with a binder in lime, or with cement binder. Only after the appropriate restoration, then the sanding phase using specific machines for each type of floor, metal diamond, resins, polishing powders that replace the old and harmful lead polishing or waxes for the antique terraces.

We listen to the story your floor tells, and make it relive.

Chiama Adesso!