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Io e mio marito Guido abbiamo affidato ad Antonello e Roberto il restauro dei pavimenti della nostra nuova casa e siamo rimasti soddisfattissimi! Siamo felici di avere conosciuto due professionisti seri che amano il loro lavoro. Consiglieremo certamente “Pavimenti alla genovese”! Grazie di cuore. Spero solo di essere in grado di mantenere i pavimenti belli come li avete lasciati…

Roberta Parodi

Il risultato del lavoro di due persone estremamente competenti che amano quello che fanno non puo’ essere che questo: pavimenti che vivono una seconda vita… il restauro è stato impeccabile, al massimo della cura.

Andrea Carrozzino

Antonello un grande professionista serio e competente unico nel suo modo di lavorare da provare assolutamente.

Fabrizio Rech

Simply amazing the work done by Antonello and Roberto who brought our floors back to life! An impeccable professionalism enriched by the passion for your work shines from the first meeting, the attention to detail and the challenge to get involved to meet the needs of the customer by guiding him with the right advice, make them truly unique! We recommend it to all those people, who like us, have decided to keep “well in sight” those floors that preserve in itself a history and given the importance attributed they needed a restoration Thanks again and good continuation!

Luca Ferretti

I got to admire some of the floors they restored and the result is incredible: they seem new. In addition to a remarkable skill and professionalism, I was struck by the passion with which Antonello describes the working techniques and the materials used to bring the floors back to their original state. His explanations resemble real lessons. Very useful also the brochure to explain to customers how to maintain the surfaces after restoration.

Emanuele Bertolin

Highly qualified and very scrupulous people, we are very satisfied with the work of polishing the mirrored floors.

Ezio Zunino

Perfect restoration and polishing! Antonello and his partner are really competent people who transmit the passion for their work.

Davide Pinna

A craftsman with skill and accuracy of other times that cleverly wink at the new technological devilishness… today you cannot do without it!

Claudio Dagnino

The professionalism, skill and passion that Antonello and Roberto make available in the restoration and construction of valuable floors is inimitable and above all do not stop at the execution of the work but help the customer to maintain the work over time. What should not be underestimated because it transforms the expense into an investment...

Gianluca Le Rose

Very scrupulous and competent staff, they have restored my grit floor giving it a new life. Excellent job!

Costanza Chiari

They are true craftsmen of the floor. They care about their work and you can see it from how they do it. I had the floors in my office restored and when customers enter they notice it immediately.

Lorenzo Zeppa

Serious and competent professionals for an activity that requires time and ability.

Andrea Bianchetti

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